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The Niftylift 140 trailer mount is an extremely versatile articulated boom platform of unique and simple design. It is capable of placing two men and their tools up to a height of 14.3m (46ft 8ins) or an outreach of 6.3m (20ft 8in).

The booms are mounted via a 360° powered swing mechanism on to a compact base balanced on a single axle. The fully articulating booms give an outstanding working envelope.

The large pneumatic wheels and minimal weight make the unit light and simple to manoeuvre. A simple, all-hydraulic proportional control system gives smooth, reliable movement of the platform and maximum reliability in the harshest environments. The hydraulic outriggers make setting up both swift and simple and a unique pressure sensitive microswitch system fitted to each outrigger prevents operation of the machine until all outriggers have been correctly deployed. This is coupled with a loud audible alarm warning of a possibly hazardous situation.

Some typical jobs ideally suited to the Nifty 140 include:

  • Tree Surgery

  • Roof repairs

  • Clearing blocked gutters

  • Erecting signage and banners

  • Cleaning windows

  • Chimney repairs

  • Installing CCTV cameras

  • Property maintenance, e.g. reaching over conservatories

  • Pest control, e.g. installing bird spikes

  • Aerial photography

  • Roof surveys


The Nifty Height Rider 12 is one of the most versatile and reliable machines in its class. It is specifically designed to give maximum reach performance from the lightest most compact base possible.

A telescopic upper boom gives improved accuracy when positioning the platform and superb manoeuvrability makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

The HR12's Bi-Energy option allows it to work for extended periods inside and outside, with reduced operating noise when powered by battery, making it the perfect all-rounder.

Ideal for inside work because it has the option of running on batteries or diesel engine. Some typical jobs ideally suited to the Nifty HR12 include:

  • Installing/dismantling warehouse racking

  • Installing/maintaining warehouse lighting

  • Roof repairs

  • Roof surveys inside large buildings, e.g. ecclesiastical buildings

  • Clearing blocked gutters

  • Cleaning windows

  • Chimney repairs

  • Property maintenance/decorating

  • Setting up scenery on film sets

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