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Course Aims

To provide practical and theory plant training in operating a Lorry Loader/Hiab Crane.  To enable the candidate to competantly and safely fulfil the role and pass the training course theory and practical tests.

Course Content

  • Statutory regulations and Codes of Practice applicable to lifting operations, eg. LOLER & PUWER

  • Definitions and descriptions

  • Management of the lifting operation

  • Safe systems of work

  • Proximity hazards, blind lifts

  • Understanding & interpreting duties charts

  • Crane stability, security including test & repair situations, ground conditions & use of pads

  • The correct & safe use of outriggers

  • Altering jib lengths & associated safety devices

  • Crane capabilities & safety precautions

  • Safe load indicators & duties charts

  • The effect of radius change on the safe working capacity

  • Effects of shock loading on structural strength, stability & load displacement

  • Attachments

  • Chains, slings & lifting equipment

  • Principles of safe slinging & the types & capacities of chains, slings & lifting equipment

  • De-rating, Uniform Load Method

  • Transport regulations & preparing for travel on the public highway

  • Theory & practical tests on relevant equipment

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